【NEWS】Madkosmos OZZIEとのコラボ曲「Take You There」配信開始

プロデューサー Madkosmos(マッドコスモス)は9日、イギリスのプロデューサー OZZIEとのコラボレーション・シングル「Take You There」の配信を開始した。


「Take You There」
/ AOZZIE & Madkosmos

Produce : OZZIE, Madkosmos
Mixing : Madkosmos
Mastering : Andres Mayo

– Madkosmos

I met Madkosmos back in 2016 while on tour in the USA and since then weʼve been real good friends, despite him being from Japan and me from United Kingdom we have linked up many times around the world and have been on tour in Asia together.
We recently linked up in Mexico for a music camp and had purchased some speakers off Amazon earlier that week and just set them up in the airbnb. We started off with some vocal chops and a simple kick/clap combo to create a bounce. Madkosmos then took the time creating the chords that flow throughout the song in multiple different sounds. It pretty much grew by itself from then and the full song was roughly finished by 6am the next day..

2021.12.9 12:00

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